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Welcome to the STP Studios!

Please scroll down to select the virtual studio that you have been assigned to.

Opening Session

Comm. Vilma D. Leake (District 2)

Comm. George Dunlap (District 3)

Comm. Laura Meier (District 5)

Comm. Susan Rodriguez-McDowell (District 6)


Special Presentation Session

Natasha Smith (CBI)

Kimberly Tibbs (CBI)

Sha McIntyre (NC DOA)

Elizabeth Cruz (NCDOT)

Mic Alexander (NCDOT)

Panel Session A

Charlotte Dollyhigh (Double Mountain Construction)

Jack Ossa (Ossa Studios)

Myron Ross (Morcon Construction)

Tamera Green (Viridian Marketing)

Tony Jackson (The Real Money Coach)

Panel Session B

Ayo Thomas (Galore Creative Staffing)

Rob Lancaster (BREE & Associates)

Latoya Hudson (Diamond Trucking of NC)

Shaun Adams (A-Team Manholes & Resurfacing)


Business Certification Summit - Feb 25,
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